U-CAN Family Literacy Program

U-CAN Family Literacy Program is an outreach program of Union Community Development Corporation d/b/a Vital Impact which is founded on Christian principles of spiritual enrichment and urban renewal.

The mission of UCDC "Vital Impact" is, to improve the educational, social, and economic livelihood of residents this community, and break the strongholds of poverty, social injustice and lack of education by using faith-based programs.

The U-CAN Family Program works with the Latino Population and general population in various areas of Literacy including English as a second Language, Adult Reading and Writing, GED Preparation, Computer Skills, and Tutoring for Children and Youth

Our Programs

The programs offered in the "U" Can Program are; Tutoring Children and Youth, English as a Second Language, GED preparation classes, Adult Reading and Writing and Computer Literacy. The number of students varies according to the programs. "U" Can serves the community and works in conjunction with the Union Church. We have targeted the community within five miles of our facility.

The program seeks to meet the needs of the community in these areas:

  • Our English as a Second Language Program is preparing our non-English speaking persons for greater job opportunities and socialization skills.

  • The Tutoring Children and Youth Program offers tutoring in basic Reading and Math to children in grades K-12. Each student is assessed to determine their reading and math grade level and placed in the appropriate learning area. Parent conferences are scheduled twice per year to inform the parents of the progress or areas of concern for each student.

  • The Adult Reading and Writing Program is designed to improve the reading and writing skills of adults who experience difficulties in this area.

  • The GED preparation classes assist individual who have not received a high school diploma in their educational development.

  • Our Computer Literacy Program is developed to teach individuals who have little or no computer skills, basic skills to use computer applications and programs. It is also used in the tutoring process for children and youth as well as literacy. Each of the instructors receives 16 hours of training for certification in the areas that are taught.

Target Population

Our program focuses on African American, Latinos, and other racial and ethnic groups of all ages, specifically within a one to five mile radius of our location in zip code area 75224. However the program is open to the involvement of others wishing to participate who live outside of the zip code area.

Program Outcomes

Because this geographic area has become an increasingly Spanish speaking community mixed with an African American population, our concern is the need to assist our Spanish-speaking residents, in transition from speaking Spanish to English, offer additional services to the African American residents, as well as other ethnic groups represented in our area.

In a three-mile radius of our facility the demographics reveal that there is approximately a general population of 131,000. Of this general population 32% are Latino and 58% African American.

Our aim is to reach:

  • 10% of the Latino Population and 5% of the General population of African American and Latino with educational programs to improve their literacy ability, English speaking and writing ability, and impact their socio-economic level.

  • Reach 5% of the Elementary aged student in Barbara Jordan School with tutorial assistance for academic enhancement, including involvement in after school educational enrichment

  • Partner in Tutoring with Barbara Jordan Elementary School to assist 5% of the approximately 1000 students to achieve academically, and increase the number of students meeting grade level requirements on the TAKS according to TEA guidelines.

Program Goals:

  • To increase the number of English speaking residents who are currently non-English speaking or have little English speaking ability

  • Develop through educational development and training 20 persons to enter the ranks of the employed

  • Improve the skills and abilities of 20 underemployed persons

  • Increase the employability of individuals through the development of their communication skills