“Making a Difference in the lives of Haitian Families”


It is a mandate of the Kingdom that the church reaches outside of its walls to impact the lives of others for the Kingdom of God. As pastors, we accepted the mandate to “reach out” in our community locally and internationally. As a result, we entered partnership with Harmony Ministries of Haiti to help spread the Gospel and minister to people in Haiti. Our vision is to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people in the areas of Port au Prince, Thoman, Leogane, Lasalle and surrounding areas. Vital Impact Haiti and The Union Church graciously accepted this mandate to reach out and make a difference in Haiti and commit resources and financial assistance to advance the kingdom cause. We invite others to join us in this effort.


In collaboration with Harmony Ministries of Haiti, our mission is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Port-au-Prince, Thoman, Leogane, Lasalle and other developing areas by providing assistance for physical health care and personal needs, food, medicine, education of children, training for adults and spiritual guidance.


  • Increase the level of literacy in the communities by assisting in getting more Haitian children enrolled in school to receive an education
  • Provide tuition assistance, to obtain needed uniforms, materials and supplies for school
  • Provide assistance for obtaining food and other resources for families in the communities served by Harmony Ministries
  • Give financial support for administrative and operational needs
  • Show the love of God through loving acts of service and care for our Haitian brothers and sisters
  • Provide training, skills development, English as a second language, and tools for literacy development
  • Meet basic physical needs with personal supplies, hygiene needs, and other personal products
  • Use the Bible to teach principles for life, purpose, relationships, service, and personal development for self improvement, and community improvement
  • Provide professionals to assist in areas of medical and dental care, eye care, nutrition, and more

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